Data protection

General about data processing

We collect and use personal data of our users basically only, as far as this is necessary for the supply of a functioning website as well as our contents and achievements. The collection and use of personal data of our users occurs regularly only after approval of the user. An exception is valid in such cases, in which a previous obtaining of an approval due to actual reasons is not possible and the processing of the Data is permitted by legal regulations.
This website is static, no cookies are put, no forms, comment possibilities or similar to the colletion of personal data offered.
Only the Webhoster, the company 1&1 Internet AG, writes automatically log files of the website visitor's IP addresses, i.e. the site calls are taken down from 1&1, without we have an influence on it.
The 1&1 company informs about this logging: „Based on data protection directives to personal data will the visitor's IP addresses the Aufrufer in the log files after 7 days anonymised with one ‚x‘“

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

If we obtain an approval for processing of personal data from the affected person, the EU - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a legal basis for the processing of personal data.

Data deletion and memory duration

The personal data of the affected person will be extinguished when the purpose of the storage is cancelled. A further storage can occur, if this is provided by the European or national legislator in union-juridical orders, laws or other regulations by which the person responsible is defeated. A blockage or deletion of the data also occurs, if one through the called norms prescribed storage term runs off, unless a necessity to further storage of the data for a completion of a contract or a contract fulfilment exists.


With the use of this web site you explain your agreement with the conditions of these directives for the protection of personal data.